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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNCableSystemsHolds all identifiers and containers relevant to the CableSystems add-on for Vortex
oNCableSystemsICDThe Interface Control Document for the CableSystems
oNEarthworkSystemsICDEarthwork Systems Interface Control Document
oNTireModelVehicle Systems Tire Model Interface Control Document
oNTireModelICDVehicle Systems Tire Model Interface Control Document
oNVehicleSystemsVehicle Systems Interface Control Document
oNVehicleSystemsICDVehicle Systems Interface Control Document
oNVehicleSystemsInternalICDVehicle Systems Internal Interface Control Document
oNVxHeight field data structure with height field vertices organized in regularly placed 2D tiles
oNVxAnimationThe Interface Control Document for the Vortex Animation Path extension
oNVxCycloneIn 2018b, we have replaced the pass-snaphots by pass data-objects
oNVxEigenSolverWrapperThis class encapsulates the internal workings of the constraint solver and allows an external solver to be specified via a static method
oNVxGraphicsContains classes and interfaces to draw Vortex simulations
oNVxGraphicsPluginsThe Interface Control Document for the Fog extension
oNVxHumanThe Interface Control Document for the Vortex Human Definition extension
oNVxMarineThe Interface Control Document for the VxMarineGraphics extension
oNVxMathThe VxMath name space holds all classes and functions to do math and linear algebra in Vortex
oNVxPluginSystemThe plugin system contains the plugin manager and its supporting classes
oNVxSimContains classes to manage Vortex simulations
oCEigenSolverInterfaceInterface for the solver implementation
oCLightHaloManagerDeprecated since Vortex 2019a
\CVxSetA template container with the same interface as an std::set but contiguous in memory