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Vortex Studio Essentials is free software that provides access to the core capabilities of the Vortex Studio simulation and visualisation platform. It includes Vortex Studio’s powerful desktop applications for simulation creation and distribution. It also includes Vortex Studio’s core multibody dynamics engine, as well as its vehicle and cable system simulation capabilities and integrated visualisation system.

A platform built for real-time simulation: Discover the difference it makes.

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Why Choose Vortex Studio Essentials?

Vortex Studio Essentials Accelerates your project

Accelerate Your Project

Vortex Studio Essentials equips you with professional tools that allow you to optimize 3D assets, model equipment mechanical properties and manage virtual environments using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Vortex Studio Essentials- rely on validated simulation

Rely on validated simulation

Vortex Studio Essentials allows full mechanical modeling of simulated equipment, providing a level of accuracy that simulation solutions using gaming technology cannot achieve.

Vortex Studio Essentials- virtual prototyping

More than a Trial

Vortex Studio Essentials is available free of charge, and can be used to power virtual prototyping and operator training simulators.

Move to a Complete Simulation Platform

Vortex Studio Essentials frees you from the burden of adapting solutions that were not designed to achieve the level of fidelity required by real-time simulation projects. It allows you to spend more time on your project, and less time on maintaining disparate technology integrations.

Physics-Based Dynamics Engine

The Essentials edition provides access to Vortex Studio’s core mechanical dynamics engine, allowing you to model highly-accurate contacts, collisions and vehicle systems1 with true-to-life performance and behaviour. Vortex Studio Essentials also allows you to simulate cable systems1, enabling the simulation of lifting and towing equipment.

Discover Vortex Studio’s Physics-Based Dynamics Engine

1 Vehicle and cable simulation capabilities are only available for non-commercial simulators.

Vortex Studio Essentials- Physics based dynamics engine

Immersive Visualisation System

Vortex Studio Essentials delivers the full capabilities of Vortex Studio’s visualisation system. Designed for real-time simulation, it renders scenes in vivid details on desktop systems and immersive multi-channel simulators. With dynamic lighting and reflection, realistic weather effects and full integration with Vortex Studio’s dynamics engine, it provides a flexible and cost-effective visualisation solution.

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Vortex Studio Essentials- Immersive visualisation system

Professional Desktop Applications

Vortex Studio Essentials equips you with the same integrated simulation debugging and optimization tools used by military training simulation integrators and off-highway OEMs, eliminating the need to maintain disparate technology integrations.

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Professional Desktop Applications

Flexible Software Development Kit

Vortex Studio Essentials provides full access to Vortex Studio’s extensive software development kit, allowing you to extend its capabilities and integrate third-party software and hardware solutions. This lets you integrate Vortex Studio directly in your simulation toolchain, and ensures it can be adapted to unique project needs, protecting your technology investment.

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Flexible Software Development Kit

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