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    Video Tutorials

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    Vortex® Studio Video Tutorials
Virtual Prototyping

Become a Vortex Studio Expert

Whether you are just getting started with Vortex Studio, or looking to take advantage of its extensive simulation capabilities, our video tutorials library will help you learn the ins and outs of Vortex Studio.

Vortex Studio Editor Tutorials

Documents & Workspaces Overview

Our simulators are powered by Vortex Studio, an acclaimed physics-based real-time simulation platform that delivers unparalleled realism and immersion. This ensures skills learned in the classroom will transfer directly to live equipment.

  • The differences between scenes, mechanisms, graphics galleries and setup document types
  • The relationship between mechanisms, assemblies and parts

Creating a Basic Mechanism

Learn how to transform a 3D model into an interactive mechanism using the Vortex Studio Editor. This tutorial covers:

  • Importing 3D models and creating parts
  • Defining the physical properties of parts
  • Adding and configuring constraints
  • Connecting a USB joystick

Building a Scene

Learn how to create a Vortex Studio scene using the Vortex Studio Editor. Start from basic terrain modelling, and find out how to add and modify mechanisms, objects and terrain materials. This tutorial covers:

  • Importing terrain data from a 3D file
  • Adding objects and mechanisms to the virtual environment
  • Configuring ground materials
  • Using Vortex Studio configurations to modify scenes at load time

Vortex Studio Player Tutorials

Playing a Simulation

Learn how to use the Vortex Studio Player application to distribute your simulation on a single-screen simulator. This tutorial covers:

  • Loading a Vortex Studio simulation
  • Changing display sizes and setting
  • Introduction to the Vortex Studio Player’s advanced tools