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Vortex Studio Training

Virtual Prototyping

Accelerated learning programs

Whether you’re new to Vortex Studio, or a long-time customer looking for skills-specific training, we have a program for you.

Our library of standard training modules can be employed to build competency across all aspects of Vortex Studio. Additionally, we can work with your team to develop custom training content for any project-specific needs.

Vortex Studio Onboarding Program

Based around a progressive online learning program, new Vortex Studio users will be able to acquire the skills needed to jump into building simulations.

The onboarding program and the user community will be available to all users upon licence purchase, providing access to video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and in-depth documentation.


Skills Development Sessions

Vortex Studio’s context-based skills development sessions are action-focused courses that provide a direct human-to-human training experience. Available on-premise or in Montreal at CM Labs’ offices, these skills development sessions are meant to build advanced Vortex Studio users, quickly.

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