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Vortex Studio & APA

Vortex® Studio Create is now available to Altair HyperWorks® customers looking to gain real-time product insights

Virtual Prototyping

Altair is a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing, and data intelligence. 

The Altair Partner Alliance offers on-demand access to a broad spectrum of software applications from more than 50 companies to its customers to leverage a wide range of software tools from a centralized source, helping them reduce time to market, increase intelligent design and make smarter decisions faster.

With CM Labs’ Vortex Studio Create available through the APA, Altair HyperWorks customers can leverage this powerful tool to evaluate design ideas and engage in immersive 3D product experiences. 

Integrate With Altair Software

Altair Activate® is an open & flexible tool for rapidly modeling and simulating products as multi-disciplinary systems in the form of 1D models (expressed as signal-based or physical block diagrams), optionally coupled to 3D models.

Vortex Studio integrates with Altair Activate models to exchange simulation data in real-time through UDP networking protocols.

Vortex Studio Use Cases

Create Real-time Simulations

Rapidly create equipment simulation models from 3D model geometry and place equipment in realistic scenarios to test product performance.

Simulate Mechatronic Systems

Simulate the most complex ground and maritime equipment in real-time with professional engineering tools for multi-body dynamics and physics-based contact.

Mobile Crane Simulator - Smart Training Technology - Fahrzeugkran Simulator

Advanced Immersive Visualization

Create stunning immersive visuals with shader-based GPU-accelerated rendering on desktop systems, head-mounted VR, or synchronized multi-channel visual systems.

tradeshow booth vortex simulator

Deploy Driver-in-the-loop Simulators

A simple workflow allows you to configure and distribute simulation and visualization to networked player applications and eliminates the need for coding.

Contact Vortex Studio Sales

To discuss the features of Vortex Studio and how it can fit in your HyperWorks subscription, please contact our sales team through the form below: