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Siemens Chooses CM Labs for Wind Turbine Installation Training Simulator

With wind power’s growing importance in the world’s power infrastructure, the need for skilled wind turbine installation workers is high. As a leading supplier of renewable energy power solutions, Siemens has turned to simulation-based training to accelerate new operator preparation, and selected CM Labs to design and develop a custom offshore blade installation simulator.

Powered by Vortex Studio, the Siemens’ simulator virtually replicates the installation of a turbine blade using a Jeannette yoke, one of the most challenging tasks involved in the commissioning of an off-shore wind turbine. It features 3 stations – one for the crane operator, and two for the bank men – enabling full-team training.

Amongst the many things that make the Siemens simulator technically advanced is the integration of the actual PLC governing the crane’s yoke and traverse. Featuring over 500 inputs and outputs, the integration was done using OPC server.

Our team also integrated the operator’s remote control that allows the operator to walk about in the virtual environment, providing an immersive experience that replicates all of the components of the live environment in which students will eventually operate.

Below is a video created by the Siemens team to showcase their new Vortex Studio-powered training simulator: