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Learning Vortex Studio: Video Tutorials

Getting started with Vortex Studio might seem daunting. It’s a powerful, full-featured platform that allows you to go from a simple 3D model all the way to a complete simulation, and learning the workflow can be as important as learning the tools.

Over the years, we’ve developed several resources to help you get started. Vortex Studio comes packed with helpful samples and extensive user documentation, which are great resources, regardless of your level of simulation experience. Over the coming weeks, I will explore these resources individually and explain how they can be used to go from real-time simulation novice to expert.

This week, I’d like to look at a new series of video tutorials we’ve started rolling out. Our first 3 videos walk you through the steps of creating a functional forklift from a 3D modelconnecting a USB gamepad to control it, building a virtual warehouse environment and playing the simulation using the Vortex Studio Player application:

This is just a start, and we are working on video tutorials exploring other parts of the Vortex Studio Editor, including how to create a fully-modeled vehicle, and how to simulate cable systems.

We’d love to hear what topics you’d like us to tackle next. If you have any requests or feedback, drop by our community forums and let us know !