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OEM Off-Highway: Interactive Virtual Prototyping - CM Labs SimulationsOEM Off-Highway: Interactive Virtual Prototyping - CM Labs Simulations

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Virtual Prototyping

OEM Off-Highway: Interactive Virtual Prototyping

Building the Next Generation of Off-Highway Machines with Worksite System-Level Simulation

Developing smart machines has never been more challenging. The movement toward operator-assistance, autonomous mobility, and control has meant that off-highway equipment has become more sophisticated, a system-of-systems involving mechanical, electrical, fluid, and embedded systems. The way these systems—as a whole machine—act, interact and react to the environment is challenging to predict.

These breakthroughs in control technology have likewise set the tone for a significant shift in the workflow of design engineers. Simulation-enabled design and “digital twins” have moved from optional processes to workflow must-haves.

Further complicating matters is the human connection. With more advanced smart systems and autonomous or remote control, human machine interface (HMI) design is becoming more critical. New features, systems configurations, and operational information can quickly overload operators and therefore, testing with driver-in-the-loop is an essential practice today.

The days of a short period of computer-aided engineering (CAE) preceding the “true” process of physical testing feels anachronistic at best. The simulation and virtual prototyping of complete systems in an operational context are now essential to machine design workflow…

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