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    Ocean Environments Test Engineers

    The tides are changing in offshore engineering with renewable energy and deep water sectors posing new challenges.
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Vortex Studio brings offshore operations to life

Offshore companies are faced with a shifting energy landscape and the need to operate in ever more
challenging conditions at greater efficiencies. This necessitates a continuous stream of innovative design.

With high-fidelity dynamics, cable-systems and ocean modelling, Vortex Studio lets marine engineers integrate real-time engineering models, advanced visualization and in-the-loop simulation to solve the challenges of offshore and subsea operations.

Operations Planning

De-risk offshore installation projects and improve workability by simulating operations with realistic vessels, top-side, and subsea equipment.

  • Perform virtual operations to support tendering proofs-of-concept and de-risking of projects
  • Improve vessel workability by simulating challenging environments with accurate hydrodynamic and wave models
  • Create a digital-twin of offshore vessel operations and prove work-plans long before equipment hits the water
Offshore Equipment Simulation

Crew Training

Preparedness—building crew knowledge, skills, and awareness—is essential before you set sail. Though immersive product-centric simulation you will be ready to train for challenges faced offshore.

  • Build immersive training simulators with collaborative multi-role crew training scenarios
  • Connect to controls systems for cranes, ROVs, ship bridge and more
  • Create hyper-realistic scenarios in maritime environments with precise wave and weather models

Virtual Prototyping

Create a complete 360° view of machine behaviour with virtual prototypes working in simulated field operations.

  • Build real-time systems simulations combining integrated multibody dynamics, vehicle modeling, earthmoving systems, cable simulation and advanced 3D graphics.
  • Connect to software-in-the-loop such as controls simulations from 1D, model-based design tools or hydraulic simulation models
  • Operate your virtual prototypes in ultra-realistic worksites to investigate machine

Real-time simulation for Offshore & Subsea Operations

Vortex is a complete solution for real-time simulation and high-quality visualization of offshore and subsea equipment and operations. Vortex Studio lets you focus on your engineering challenges and avoid reinventing the wheel—cobbling together disparate and imprecise game-engines, physics-engines, and in-house code.
Vortex Studio combines mechanical dynamics, hydrodynamics, cable simulation, advanced 3D graphics and the desktop tools engineers need to create simulations of machines operating in marine environments.

Innovate Faster with Professional Services

CM Labs’ professional services team can help you accelerate your integration of Vortex Studio, improve user onboarding, and reduce the time required to embed within your enterprise.


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How will you innovate?

From mechanical modeling and scene construction to design validation, optimization and deployment, Vortex Studio fully integrates with your workflow.

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