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    Off-Highway Equipment Simulation

    Heavy equipment is transitioning from an era of raw power to one of intelligent control and efficiency.
Virtual Prototyping

Simulate the future of heavy equipment & off-highway vehicles

The movement toward autonomous mobility and control has meant that off-highway equipment has become more complex—requiring more features, such as software, sensors, and driver-assistance systems. The human-machine experience is changing too, and this affects how products are sold, operated and maintained.

From the engineer’s desktop to immersive HIL simulators, Vortex Studio allows engineers to simulate, model and visualize equipment operation in real-time.

Virtual Prototyping

Create a complete 360° view of machine behaviour with virtual prototypes of off-highway equipment working in simulated field operations.

  • Build real-time systems simulations combining integrated multibody dynamics, vehicle modeling, earthmoving systems, cable simulation and advanced 3D graphics.
  • Connect to software-in-the-loop such as controls simulations from 1D, model-based design tools or hydraulic simulation models
  • Operate your virtual prototypes in ultra-realistic worksites to investigate machine
off-highway equipment simulation - Virtual prototyping
off-highway equipment simulation - In-the-loop testing for off-highway equipment

Human-in-the-loop Testing

Accelerate human-factors engineering and driver feedback in your heavy equipment design process with immersive simulators, advanced 3D graphics and HIL simulations.

  • Bring operators into the design cycle and have experienced users provide valuable feedback on virtual prototypes.
  • Remove the risk to people or equipment through in-the-loop tests performed in simulation.
  • Experiment with and train control systems—such as automated grade- or load-control—in a fully customizable, dynamic testing environment.

Virtual Customer Experiences

Exceed client expectations, reinforce your brand and let clients experience what’s next in off-highway equipment through Simulation—from the desktop through to total immersive solutions.

  • Build engaging simulators that bring clients inside your brand while reducing the costs associated with hands-on demonstrations
  • Enhance after-sales support by deploying training applications from the desktop to immersive HIL simulators
  • Promote new equipment concepts and prototypes to engage your clients through virtual preview experiences
off-highway Equipment Simulation - customer experiences

Real-time simulation for Off-Highway Equipment

From simulation-based machine learning/AI to immersive simulators engaged in human factors engineering, Vortex Studio gives you the power to explore what’s next through the simulation of off-highway equipment.

Vortex Studio combines mechanical vehicle dynamics, earthmoving systems, cable simulation, and advanced 3D graphics with the desktop tools engineers need to enhance heavy equipment and off-highway vehicle design and create virtual prototypes of cranes, earthmoving equipment and industrial machinery.

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Vortex Studio is CM Labs’ advanced suite of real-time simulation and visualization software, offering fast-paced, user-centric mechanical prototyping and streamlined deployment of immersive virtual experiences for enhanced testing, training and customer engagement.


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CM Labs’ professional services team can help you accelerate your integration of Vortex Studio, improve user onboarding, and reduce the time required to embed within your enterprise.

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From mechanical modeling and scene construction to design validation, optimization and deployment, Vortex Studio fully integrates with your workflow.

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