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Vehicle training simulations for defense organizations

Globally, training budgets for defense organizations and armed forces are tightening, while requirements to deliver cost-effective, high-quality training are increasing.

Vortex Studio is a COTS real-time simulation platform offering high-fidelity modeling for military training applications including ground vehicles, heavy equipment and maritime operations. It is an efficient tool for rapid modeling, testing, and validation of simulation content—one which is simple to integrate into existing simulator frameworks or game-engines.

Vehicle Driver Training

Rapidly build experiential training simulations for drivers both on and off-road with built-in, high-fidelity vehicle models.

  • Tracked and wheeled vehicles, any configuration, with trailers and weapon systems.
  • Advanced tire-track and ground interaction models
  • Complete power train, suspension, steering and braking systems modelling
Defense Vehicle Simulation
Defense Vehicle Simulation - Heavy equipment

Heavy Equipment & Logistics Simulation

With core capabilities and subject mater expertise in construction and logistics equipment training, there is no better solution.

  • Lifting and earthmoving equipment simulation for Army Engineering
  • Logistics, maritime lifting and port equipment training
  • Integrated visual-simulation platform designed for equipment training

Maritime Operations

Naval training can involve topside deck equipment, launch and recovery, subsea robotics, or towing applications.

  • Combine mechanical dynamics, hydrodynamics, and cable simulation to simulate operations at sea
  • Simulate deck and top-side equipment such as cranes, launch and recovery systems
  • Integrated wave and hydrodynamics models with optional high-fidelity vessel dynamics
Military Simulation Training for Maritime Operations

Real-time Training Simulation for Armed Forces and Naval Operations

Vortex Studio is a complete solution for real-time modeling and simulation of ground and maritime equipment and operations.

Vortex Studio combines mechanical dynamics, vehicle models, earthmoving, hydrodynamics, cable simulation, advanced 3D graphics, and the desktop tools that subject mater experts need to create simulations of machines operating on land or at sea.

Build and Deploy with Vortex Studio

Vortex Studio is CM Labs’ advanced suite of real-time simulation and visualization software, offering user-centric creation tools and streamlined deployment software to ease the process of building and sharing immersive virtual experiences.

The Vortex Studio workflow:


Innovate Faster with Professional Services

CM Labs’ professional services team can help you accelerate your integration of Vortex Studio, improve user onboarding, and reduce the time required to embed within your enterprise.

How will you innovate?

From mechanical modeling and scene construction to design validation, optimization and deployment, Vortex Studio fully integrates with your workflow.

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