Professional Desktop Applications

A Complete Simulator Development Environment

With the increasing complexity of real-time simulation projects and shorter timelines, equipping your development team with the right set of tools is paramount.

From 3D model optimization and mechanical modeling to system integration and deployment on multi-channel display systems, Vortex Studio replaces code-driven processes with user-friendly model-based desktop applications that provide new capabilities and accelerate project delivery.

Enhance Your Processes

Vortex Studio provides you with two powerful desktop applications to create and distribute your simulations.

Vortex Studio Editor

The Vortex Studio Editor packages all the tools you need to create, validate and deploy interactive simulations, in a single easy-to-use desktop application. It provides a graphical user interface to model mechanical properties, build scenes and even integrate simulator hardware, replacing disparate tools and processes by a single seamless, efficient workflow.


  • Built-in model and terrain editor supporting popular CAD and 3D model file types
  • Point-and-click mechanical modeling of parts and assemblies
  • Visual debugging and performance profiling tools
  • Complete system set-up interface to configure visualisation environment
Simulation Modelling on Desktop

Vortex Studio Player

The Vortex Studio Player provides you with a central console to distribute your simulation content across your network, manage scenes and participants, and play back simulation sessions.


  • Easy-to-use console interface
  • Synchronized multi-channel simulation distribution
  • Record and navigate saved simulations with full playback controls and key frames lists
  • Modify simulation content at load time with mechanism and scene configurations
Console- Modelling Applications