Physics-Based Dynamics Engine

Reality Isn’t Scripted. Your Simulations Shouldn’t Be Either.

Whether you want to train personnel or test the performance of your latest mechatronic system design, you need to be able to rely on the results delivered by your simulation.

That’s why Vortex Studio’s mechanical dynamics engine uses a physics-based approach to simulation. It models virtual equipment performance using engineering specifications, resulting in realistic emergent behaviours that can’t be achieved using scripted performance.

A Complete Simulation Engine for Land and Sea

Vortex Studio’s dynamics engine empowers you to create complex virtual equipment that behaves like the real thing.

Vehicle Simulation

Vortex Studio allows you to model individual powertrain components, including engine, transmission, differential, brakes and more, resulting in more accurate simulation of vehicle performance. It also provides soft- and hard-ground tire simulation models, enabling the simulation of realistic emergent behaviours, from skidding and fishtailing to slipping and rollovers, and providing an authentic driving experience.

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  • Select from multiple hard- and soft-ground tire models, including Coulomb, Magic Formula, Composite Slip and Fiala
  • Create tracked vehicles with rigid and flexible tracks
  • Create vehicles with articulated chassis and attachments
Physics-Based Dynamics Engine - Military Vehicle Simulation

Earthmoving Simulation

Vortex Studio provides accurate real-time simulation of earth-cutting tools, enabling the simulation of a wide range of earthmoving equipment, such as dozers, graders and excavators. Vortex Studio simulates soil in multiple states, including pouring, settling and stable piles, with built-in visualisation.

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  • Validated hybrid discrete element method particle simulation model
  • Library of pre-defined soil types, including clay, sand, loam and gravel
  • Measure soil cutting forces and torques using validated models
Real-time earth-moving simulation

Cables, Tethers
and Pipes Simulation

Vortex Studio allows you to add cables, tethers, winches and pulleys to virtual equipment. From crane simulation to vehicle recovery and towing scenarios, Vortex Studio models a complete range of cable behaviours, such as torsion, elongation and breaking, and can also simulate specialized cables, like catenaries and pipelines.

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  • Stable simulation under extreme mass ratios
  • Accurate modeling using mechanical properties
  • Point-and-click interface to define cable attachment points
Cable dynamics simulation

Maritime Environments

From realistic ship heave and sway based on configurable sea state to the effect of currents and drag on underwater ROVs, Vortex Studio enables accurate simulation of offshore equipment and environments.

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  • Simulation of buoyancy, drag, lift and added mass on rigid bodies
  • Sea scale definition using Beaufort and Douglas scale
  • Realistic wave simulation using wind fetches and swell
  • Accurate underwater visibility and currents
Marine Environments