Bring Your
Simulations to Life

High visual fidelity and reliable performance are key to achieving user immersion, but integrating third-party visualisation systems can be complex, slowing down project delivery.

Vortex Studio’s built-in visualisation system allows you to render simulations in rich graphics right out of the box. Full integration with Vortex Studio’s dynamics engine brings your virtual environments to life on any system architecture, from desktop environments to multi-channel simulators.

Create High-Impact Simulations

Vortex Studio’s visualisation engine provides all the tools to create engaging land and sea simulations.

Designed for Real-Time Simulation

Vortex Studio’s visualisation engine has been built specifically for real-time simulation, providing a highly efficient rendering solution that is fully integrated with your simulation’s dynamics.


  • Efficient rendering engine
  • Supports consumer-grade graphics cards
  • Level of details optimization technique
  • GPU-based asset instancing

Rich Virtual Environments

Vortex Studio lets you create a complete range of engaging virtual environments, from urban scenes with a high number of light sources, to maritime scenarios with surface reflections and moving vessels, and construction worksites with dust and deformable terrain.


  • Dynamic lighting effects based on time-of-day, light sources and surface reflections
  • Screen-space ambient occlusion
  • Cascaded shadow maps
  • Realistic ocean surface rendering with reflections, waves, wakes and wind streaks

Engaging Visual Effects

From inclement weather and limited visibility to interactive characters, Vortex Studio’s visualisation engine brings your scenes to life with sophisticated visual effects.


  • Efficient particle system for realistic dust, smoke and splash effects
  • Weather system with customizable precipitations, including rain and snow visuals
  • Built-in visualisation of soil excavation, compaction, erosion and dumping
  • Support for SpeedTree vegetation assets
  • Library of interactive character models

Achieve Greater Immersion
with Sound and Motion

Go beyond stunning visuals and maximise operator engagement. Vortex Studio allows you to accurately recreate the audio and motion cues of real-world equipment, providing a true-to-life experience that better prepare users for work in the field.


  • Three-dimensional positional audio
  • Out-of-the-box D-BOXTM motion cueing system plugin