Flexible Software Development Kit

Create Unique Simulation Applications

Each simulation project brings its unique set of requirements and challenges. That’s why Vortex Studio is built on a modular platform architecture, allowing you to integrate, extend or even replace any components based on project needs, protecting your technology investment.

Adapt Vortex Studio to Your Needs

Vortex Studio’s extensive software development kit provides you with all the tools to integrate external systems and software.

Software Integration

Vortex Studio enables the integration of specialised software through its cross platform C++ APIs and modular architecture.


  • Streaming and procedural terrain databases
  • Third-party image generators, such as MÄK VR Vantage and Presagis Vega Prime, or game engine such as Unity and Unreal
  • Computer Generated Forces and Semi-Automated Forces using HLA/DIS
  • Scripting and external software applications
Flexible Software Development Kit

Hardware Integration

With easy connection of hardware control systems over USB, network protocols, CANBUS and OPC Server, Vortex Studio simplifies the creation of custom simulators replicating exact cabin layouts.

Connect Vortex Studio with :


  • Proprietary steering wheels and operator joysticks
  • 3 and 6 DOF motion platforms
  • Vehicle dashboards and displays
Hardware Integration

Full Access to
Vortex Studio Libraries

Vortex Studio’s software development kit provides you with deep access to its dynamics libraries, allowing you to embed Vortex Studio directly in your simulation development toolkit.


  • Fully-documented API
  • Extensive library of sample code
  • Supported by CM Labs’ engineering team
Flexible Software Development Kit- Vortex Studio Libraries