Take Control of Your Training Simulation Projects- Vortex Studio

Boost your Simulation Program

Vortex Studio is a unified simulation and visualisation platform that helps you build true-to-life simulations for operational and tactical training applications, and deliver them on any system, from desktop trainers to multi-channel visualisation systems.

Why Choose Vortex Studio Essentials

Vortex Studio Essentials

Deliver a Superior Training Experience

Vortex Studio’s physics-based dynamics engine and integrated visualisation engine help you create best-in-class training solutions that will prepare best-in-class trainees.

Take Control of Your Training Simulation Projects- Focus on your Mission

Focus on Your Mission

By packaging all the core components required for simulation, Vortex Studio eliminates the need to integrate disparate technologies, and lets you focus on delivering best-in-class training solutions.

Rely on a Trusted Partner

With over 20 years of simulation experience, we know what it takes to deliver a successful project. From project proposal to systems integration and final client acceptance, we have your back.

Expand Your Simulation Portfolio


Ground Vehicles

Vortex Studio delivers the industry’s most accurate wheeled- and tracked-vehicle driver trainer solutions. Vortex Studio models individual powertrain components and provides advanced tire modeling capabilities that simulate complex interactions between vehicles and soft ground materials, such as sand and mud, providing an ultra-realistic driving experience that prepares personnel for real-world deployments.

Take Control of Your Training Simulation Projects- Military Vehicles

Logistics & Military Engineering

Add cranes, excavators, wheel loaders and other heavy equipment to your simulation catalog. Vortex Studio provides a complete toolset to simulate deformable terrain and add cables to virtual equipment, all using intuitive point-and-click tools, enabling the creation of mobility, survivability and sustainment training scenarios.

Maritime Equipment

Vortex Studio provides end-to-end marine environment simulation and visualisation capabilities, enabling the development of surface and subsea scenarios involving ship-based and port-based equipment. From maritime material handling to equipment launch and recovery and underwater vehicle operation, Vortex Studio lets you easily control sea conditions and interactions between equipment and water surfaces.

Available Q1 2017