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Innovations in dynamics simulation performance

Vortex Studio 2018b brings significant advances to dynamics simulation performance, allowing you to create more stable simulations with more moving parts. Here are just some of the improvements we’ve introduced:

Selective wake-up
Objects with selective wake-up enabled can “fall asleep” if their relative motion falls below a specified threshold — even if they’re connected to moving parts. These objects only “wake up” if external forces induce sufficient motion.

Relative sleeping
Touching objects that are moving with the same relative motion (such as containers on a container ship) are treated as fused, or “asleep” relative to one another, for significant performance gains.

Improved simulation stability
Previously, when the Direct LCP Solver – responsible for calculating the constraint forces – failed to find a solution in a given simulation step in the allotted number of iterations, the simulation would jerk or even “explode.” Now, if this case occurs, a newly introduced solver error reduction method will select the most optimal result calculated by the solver up to that point, preventing most instances of simulation instability.

Selective wake-up
and relative sleeping working together. The dominoes are merged when they tip and then are selectively put to sleep, with only the front dominoes remaining “awake.”

Also new in Vortex Studio 2018b

High-fidelity Soil Simulation

Vortex Studio 2018b introduces increased soil simulation accuracy. It is now possible to simulate soils with a particle diameter as small as 1mm.

You can also assign multiple graphics materials to soil clump meshes for additional visual complexity.

This allows you to create true-to-life, interactive earthmoving simulations, with highly realistic soil behaviour.

Expanded Vegetation Library

Vortex Studio 2018b doubles the number of plant types, adding both leafy and coniferous trees as well as grass and bushes.

Anti-aliasing has also been improved on plants, and new ambient occlusion effects help to provide volume to the graphics.

In addition, vegetation can now react to the wind, for a more lifelike simulation.

Marine Visualisation Improvements

Based on feedback from our maritime simulation research partner MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), we have improved both the Hull Wake and Propeller Wash extensions for simulations, making them look and feel more natural.

Additional parameters now make it easier to set up a wash that corresponds to real-world conditions.

Vortex boat in the sea

Now Supporting Visual Studio 2015 (VC14)

Vortex Studio now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (VC14) C++ compiler. Until the end of 2018, legacy Microsoft Visual Studio Version 2010 (VC10) installers will be available on demand through customer support.

If you are still using VC10, please consider upgrading to continue to benefit from the latest Vortex Studio features included in our frequent updates.

Joystick image

For full details on what’s new in Vortex 2018b, download the release notes.

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