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Faster level design with the new B-Spline feature

With the new B-Spline feature, you can create a path in a scene, which can be used to animate or otherwise move objects.

This eliminates the need for cumbersome and time-consuming code-based animations.

– Reference points can be placed individually via the manipulators.
– Behaviours such as “pause” or “input” speed can be set for each reference point.
– The animation can play once, or loop any number of times.

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Also new in Vortex Studio 2018a

Improved visuals with gamma correction

With Vortex Studio 2018a, the mathematics for lighting, blending and materials are now done in linear space.

This provides better graphics, especially with regards to specular highlights, night-time lighting, multiple-light-blending, and transparency effects.

excavator training pack digging

Automated Python vehicle verification scripts

A number of automated Python vehicle verification scripts are now available to test vehicles created with Vortex Studio.

Well-defined outputs allow comparison with mathematical models of vehicle behaviour, data from field measurements, and project requirements.

Marine visualisation improvements

The visuals for the Propeller Wash and the Hull Wake effect on the Ocean object have been massively improved in Vortex Studio 2018a.

The new visual effects precisely follow ship movements.

In addition, the Vortex Human library has been updated to include new anchor deck worker animations, as well as the associated character model. 

Vortex boat in the sea


Joystick Controlled Point

A new content extension in Vortex Studio 2018a, called Joystick Controlled Point, is now available.

It moves a point in 3D space via gamepad controls. With the Joystick Controlled Point, you can easily set up and control a viewpoint or camera.

Joystick image

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