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Studio 2017a

Vortex Studio 2017a introduces a refined desktop application interface, with new tools for 3D artists and scene designers.

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Discover What’s New

Get the Work Done Faster with an Enhanced Desktop Editor Interface

Vortex Studio 2017a streamlines content creation and mechanical modeling workflows. It introduces a simplified Editor interface that places all of Vortex Studio’s powerful tools and features just a click away.

With a bigger workspace, drag-and-drop positioning and a quick-access toolbox, creating simulations has never been simpler.

Upgrade to Professional Tools with Vortex Studio Essentials edition

Move to a platform built for professional simulation creation and distribution with Vortex Studio’s free Essentials edition. Get access to Vortex Studio’s core multibody dynamics and visualisation engine, as well as its desktop creation and distribution applications, the Vortex Studio Editor and Vortex Studio Player.

Vortex Studio Essentials even unlocks non-commercial uses of Vortex Studio’s powertrain, tire and cable system modelling capabilities, allowing you to create advanced ground vehicle and lifting equipment applications.

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Vegetation Field Tool

Rapidly populate scenes with hundreds of optimized vegetation assets from Vortex studio’s built-in library with the new Vegetation Field tool. Models automatically adapt to terrain topology, roads and cultural assets.

Procedural content generation for real-time simulation

Increase User Immersion with Screen-Space Ambiant Occlusion

Instantly add depth and volume to your virtual environments with Vortex Studio’s new screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) extension.

SSAO eliminates the need to set up individual ambiant occlusion channels for secondary objects and buildings, saving time while increasing visual immersion without decreasing application performance.

And More

Vortex Studio 2017a is packed with new tools and capabilities:

  • A new color grading extension to manage color profiles
  • The ability to export graphic galleries back to 3D modelling software
  • Support for Nvidia Quadro and Intel HD graphics cards
  • Simplified license management
  • Fluid surface extention to simulate non-maritime bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes and liquid containers

See it in action in our launch webinar