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No simulation project is quite the same. Between high customer expectations, tight schedules and unique requirements, you need the right tools and the right partners. We have been helping simulation providers for over 20 years, and know what it takes to deliver solutions on time and on budget.

Unified real-time simulation platform for land and sea

Our simulation and visualisation platform, Vortex Studio, empowers your simulation team with an end-to-end creation and distribution workflow. It allows you to deliver engaging, realistic content on any system, from desktop trainers to multi-channel visualisation systems. With Vortex Studio, you can efficiently simulate

Ground vehicles

Vortex Studio provides built-in powertrain, tire and tracks modelling capabilities in a single intuitive interface

Heavy equipment

With specialised cable and earthmoving simulation models, Vortex Studio lets you simulate cranes, earthmoving and logistics equipment.

Maritime equipment

From port-side equipment to ship-based cranes and underwater ROVs, Vortex Studio allows you simulate maritime environments.

Robotic systems

Thanks to its highly-precise multibody dynamics simulation core, Vortex Studio delivers engineering-grade robotic simulation.

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Ground vehicle modelling services

Complement your simulation development team’s expertise and accelerate project delivery with the help of our mechanical engineering experts. We can help you model a wide range of ground and maritime equipment at any stage of the process

vortex studio editor interface

Mechancial modelling

Get a fully modelled vehicle based on manufacturer specifications, ready to be deployed in your virtual environment.

Instrumented testing

Starting from test results, or need instrumented testing to model a vehicle’s performance? We can help.

Performance validation

Get final approval and speed up client acceptance testing with the help of our simulation experts.

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