Vortex Advantage

Vortex Advantage Overview

The Vortex Advantage is a training simulator that’s been developed to stay relevant to your training goals — today, as well as tomorrow. Featuring a full field of view and a dynamic motion platform, the Vortex Advantage is a training tool that replicates the real port experience.

With options and configurations suited to different machinery, the Vortex Advantage is a perfect fit for training programs of all sizes.

Vortex Advantage Configurations

Vortex Advantage 3 screens

3-Screen Vortex Advantage

Optimized for the downward facing views required in STS and RTG cranes, the 3-screen advantage provides a low-cost solution for a high-fidelity experience transferable to the quay.

Vortex Advantage 5 screens

5-Screen Vortex Advantage

The ideal solution for training driving vehicles as well as breakbulk and bulk handling cranes. Offers an immersive, fuller field of view to train in scenarios requiring situational awareness such as driving.

Unique Benefits

Adaptable Simulator

Easily adaptable

The Vortex Advantage is ready to mirror your terminal’s fleet of equipment: To complement CM Labs’ suite of training simulators for port operations, the Vortex Advantage features equipment-specific hot-swappable control sets and pedals.

The two differing screen configurations focus attention and build working habits that replicate real working conditions.

Engaging training experiences

Vortex Advantage simulators feel and look like the real thing. A motion platform, authentic control sets, audio cues, and rich visuals reproduce the feel of the actual machine and view from the cabin, ensuring an accurate experience so skills developed transfer easily to live equipment.

All in one Simulator

All-in-one platform

A sleek hardware design, a full catalogue of training modules, and the Vortex simulation “engine” — the Vortex Advantage integrates all three elements into a single plug-and-play training platform, with the quality and durability expected from CM Labs.

The included instructor operating station gives trainers full control of training scenarios, allowing them to observe from any angle, inject faults and weather conditions, and conduct after-action review of trainee performance.

A simulator that delivers both safety and productivity



High-definition LCD displays offer high-fidelity graphics of the cabin field of view

Joystick Controls

Joystick controls

Professional-grade joysticks can be swapped quickly and easily, without shutting down the simulator.

Steering Wheel

Steering wheel

Supplied with applicable training simulations, the optional force feedback steering wheel swaps out in seconds

Touch screen LMI

Touch-screen LMI

Real-time instrumentation panel and simulator interface with touch controls.

Instructor station

Included Instructor Station

Simulation set-up, weather controls and faults, and post-training reports can be accessed through the LMI

operator on a port simulator

Complete training solutions for port operations

From ship-to-shore and ship pedestal cranes, to reachstacker and other cargo handling equipment, we offer a wide range of ports and container terminal equipment training simulators that can run on a single hardware platform.

Realistic simulators are an effective tool to evaluate and assess apprentices-in-training for both efficiency and safety. Tracking vital metrics across the entire training scenario, instructors can review statistics after completion, allowing for detailed after-action reviews and reporting.

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Vortex Ports hardware platforms

Vortex simulators represent the most advanced, realistic training solutions available today. One simulator can train across all equipment types, and flexible display options mean you can start on the desktop, or engage trainees with full immersion.

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