Vortex simulator boom truck crane training module overview

Training pack overview

With the Boom Truck Crane Training Pack, operators learn the fundamentals of boom truck crane operation. Lift training exercises include record-and-playback features for after-action review, and programmable faults.

Boom truck crane training pack features

Vortex simulator boom truck crane training module learning program

learning program

Exercises are designed to gradually build operator skill and confidence:

  • LMI configuration/alarms
  • Outrigger placement
  • Hook and load management
  • Pendulum control
Vortex simulator boom truck crane training module: Operator performance metrics

Trainee performance

The Boom Truck Crane Training Pack gives trainers objective insight into operator performance and abilities. It measures operator performance metrics such as:

  • Tasks completed and time
  • Pendulums and collisions
  • Unsafe load passing
  • Shock loads
Vortex simulator boom truck crane training module: Equipment simulation

Best-in-class simulation

The Boom Truck Crane Simulator Training Pack provides the most realistic simulation-based training available. This includes:

  • All major boom truck components
  • Integration of actual load charts
  • Pendulums, snags, and collisions

The Boom Truck Crane Training Pack is a valid simulation for training Boom Truck and Truck Mounted Crane operators.

Training simulator hardware platforms

Training simulator

Vortex simulators are a rugged, flexible fit for classrooms of all sizes and budgets. With swappable controls and configurations ranging from the desktop to an immersive five-display simulator, they are built to run any of our training modules.

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Simulated equipment training modules

training packs

Our training packs can be deployed on any Vortex simulator. They feature self-guiding, progressive learning programs, and best-of-class simulation, from cranes to excavators. With operator metrics captured at every step, they provide the most comprehensive simulator training available on the market.

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Simulator training resources

Trainer tools

With trainer resources that include an instructor operating station, classroom manager, and student database, we provide you with comprehensive tools for instructor-led training as well as trainee monitoring, scoring, and reporting.

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All over the world, organisations of all sizes are using Vortex simulators to train safer, more efficient operators.

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