Vortex simulator student operator training

Vortex Edge overview

The Vortex Edge laptop simulator is a compact and flexible training tool that allows construction equipment operator trainers to deploy virtual equipment in the classroom, in order to demonstrate machine components, safe operator practices, and equipment behaviour.

Unique training benefits

Vortex Trainer simulator portability

Flexible deployment options

The Vortex Edge is designed to plug into displays or projectors to expand the experience, or can simply be used as is, out of the box. It can be used for effective self-paced learning on the trainee’s desktop, for instructor-led classroom instruction, or even for recruitment events.

Vortex Trainer simulator portability

A deep equipment catalogue

The Vortex Edge comes bundled with your choice of Edge Series training packs, including rough terrain mobile crane, tower crane, crawler crane, excavator, backhoe loader, wheel loader, and motor grader. All crane training packs include lift plans and load charts. Edge Series training packs include 3 exercises per machine:

– A basic controls exercise, which guides trainees through the main functionality of the machine.
– A free-form exercise, which allows trainees to operate in an environment with various lift objects (cranes) or to manoeuver and excavate material (earth-moving equipment).
– A skills challenge exercise, which is designed to be used at trade shows, to stimulate competition between trainees, or simply benchmark their skills.

Vortex Trainer simulator portability

Get started in minutes

The Vortex Edge is a portable tool that you can start using immediately. It’s a fast and simple way to boost your training program — in just minutes, you’ll be experiencing all the benefits of simulation, and providing the kind of engaging hi-tech training that today’s generation of trainees have simply come to expect.

Simulator seat time

Teach key concepts more easily

With the Vortex Edge simulator, you can show and do rather than tell. Illustrate operating technique, provide hands-on equipment demos, explain how to program the HMI/LMI, and show how to handle adverse climate conditions and machine faults. Trainees can then practice these skills in the classroom before getting on the real machine.

Vortex trainer simulator reliability

Save course preparation time

Complement classroom theory with ready-to-go training materials. Developed in collaboration with heavy equipment schools, the Vortex Edge comes bundled with exercises that cover basic controls and operations, as well as challenges that you can use to benchmark trainee skills as they progress through the course.

Success with Vortex simulators

All over the world, organisations of all sizes are using Vortex simulators to train safer, more efficient operators.