Adapting to change

Simplify back-to-work training
with simulation


Simplify back-to
-work training
with simulation


Meet distancing requirements with remote training solutions

As new measures are being put in place to increase safety, you need to train your crew more efficiently and hygienically. Not only does leveraging technology help offset the costs of delays due to new risk management procedures, including it in your training can ensure a steady flow of skilled labor for years to come.
Our tools are designed to help you simplify this transition while making the most use of your time, budget and workforce.
Adapting to Change - Environment

Simulation solutions facilitate sanitary, remote training at each stage
of an operator’s career

Whether you’re looking to attract skilled labor, evaluate new hires, or begin training ASAP, we offer remote tools for a wide range of budgets and priorities. Our solutions cover the entire operator competency lifecycle, from recruitment to assessment, training, and upskilling —all from a safe distance.

Evaluate applicants


Train your operators remotely


Benchmark your operators from your workstation

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Upskill operators with standalone simulators

Evaluate Applicants Off-Site

Simulation-based training provides a unique opportunity to engage young workers with innovative technology, and allows you to evaluate the skill set of applicants all while being off-site and at a safe distance.
Heavy equipment simulators provide future talent with a clear idea of what a career as an operator can look like from the front lines, but within the safety of a classroom environment.
More Operator Seat time
Instructor Operating Station

Train your operators remotely

All of our simulators can be paired with an optional Instructor Operating Station (IOS). This remote workstation can be set up within the classroom or a different location and allows the instructor to control the training right from his seat.

From initiating group or individual exercises to injecting machine faults and challenging weather conditions, the IOS empowers the instructor with all the tools necessary to train safely and effectively.

Increase seat time while keeping the real equipment working on-site. Easily wipe down and sanitize the simulator after each use so operators get hands-on experience in a secure and hygienic way.

Benchmark your operators from your workstation

The value of data and insights is indisputable. Our simulation training solutions provide automated monitoring tools, including reporting of machine and performance data, rolled up into a single score that updates in real time. This customisable scoring system allows the instructor to weigh different metrics, provide thresholds and deduct points for issues like collisions, human contact or exceeding time limits. Not only does this support benchmarking, but it also provides a more productive learning experience by focusing the training on areas for improvement. At any point during a training session, an instructor can use the IOS to add bookmarks and notes that are stored in a centralised database and can be accessed later.

Assessment Tools

Upskill operators with standalone simulators

Ongoing training and development are an integral part of boosting morale and retaining a qualified workforce. Simulation allows you to maintain a steady flow of skilled workers and provides the opportunity to address training gaps proactively.
Optimize your talent with simulation-based training tools that give operators the ability to manage their own learning with preset exercises that require minimal to no supervision.
At any time, you can scale your simulation tools for maximum training flexibility, whether by adding more simulators to your fleet, or adding new training packs from CM Labs’ catalogue, including dozer, excavator, backhoe, wheel loader, cranes, and more – available on the simulator of your choice.

Vortex Edge Series: Affordable tools for operator skill development

The Vortex Edge Series of simulators are entry-level solutions that make it simple and affordable for organisations to leverage the latest in innovative technology for operator skills development. Easy to transport and set up, they are ideal for organisations looking to explore simulation for the first time.

Vortex Advantage: Best-in-class training for work site efficiencies

The Vortex Advantage is designed to provide the most immersive simulator training available today. It is a proven solution that leads directly to transferable skills and measurable work site efficiency increases.

"Including simulation in our training is not only more efficient and cost effective, but it helps us safely assess the skills of applicants, easily retrain where necessary and, most importantly, retain qualified skilled workers. It really is an effective tool to meet today's hiring challenge."
Next Gen Equipment Training
Terri Olson
Owner, Next Gen Equipment Training