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Best-in-class training

New control features, enhanced performance, competitive pricing, marketing… with so much influencing the success of your equipment, training has a lasting impact. 

From operators and sales to dealers and service technicians, quality training is arguably the single biggest factor in enhancing the customer experience and solidifying brand loyalty. And while hands-on interaction with equipment and controls is key, field training can be costly or logistically impractical.

CM Labs has your answer. With simulators in over 30 countries, we are the world’s leading provider of construction industry equipment training simulators. Chosen by organizations such as John Deere, Manitowoc, and Tigercat, our white-label OEM program provides manufacturers and dealers with solutions customized specifically to your brand, equipment, and applications.

This allows you to simply focus on your core revenue-generating competencies while still providing a complete customer experience, using an expert supplier that knows how to live up to a best-in-class brand.

Manitowoc Simulator

brand loyalty

Enhance the customer experience with the industry’s leading simulators

Operator proficiency

Ensure the maximum use of your products by providing training on simulators that behave exactly like the real equipment.

Not just for operators

Provide hands-on training for your dealers, sales and marketing, and service technicians.


Prepare operators for the unexpected, in simulated conditions that are true to life.

What makes our simulators different: Smart Training Technology

As the industry’s largest supplier of construction and port simulators combined, CM Labs has devoted decades of R&D to our award-winning solutions. 

The Smart Training Technology that’s built into CM Labs’ simulators ensures that they duplicate physical equipment behavior, response, and terrain/load interactions to provide the most realistic operator experience in the industry.

  • Replicated machine movement provides the most engaging, realistic, and effective operator training experience possible
  • Simulator training scenarios can be customized to different operator experience levels, areas of interest, and applications
  • Configurable for a wide variety of equipment and work site environments

A turnkey solution that works out of the box

Reflecting the uniqueness of your equipment, and customized to your brand, CM Labs training simulators provide hands-on instruction with the features, functions, and performance that set your equipment apart.
What’s more, they are backed by CM Labs’ full complement of expert services, designed to ensure your success, and focusing on rapid return on your investment
  • Expert marketing services, ranging from press releases and datasheets to product videos and event support
  • Consulting services around the development of new lines of business such as training offerings or branded simulator sales
  • Complete maintenance and support services

Operator proficiency

According to studies, simulation-based training accelerates learning and increases retention if used in tandem with traditional instruction – and CM Labs can provide you with the world’s leading construction equipment simulator training solutions, branded with your company name or logo. Powered by the Vortex Studio platform, these high-fidelity, physics-based training simulators incorporate the true look, feel, and response of your equipment, delivering the ultimate operator experience.
From basic apprentice to seasoned journeyman, training is easily tailored to the experience, application, scenarios, and conditions of the operator, task, and worksite.
  • Elevate operator proficiency and improve customer success
  • Ensure that advanced product features are being fully optimized
  • Capturing the controls, look and feel unique to your equipment
  • Reduce operating learning curves and accelerate customer productivity/ROI
  • Fast and seamless adoption of new equipment features

Enterprise-wide training

Operators, dealers, sales and marketing teams, maintenance, service technicians all require training on your equipment. CM Labs’ simulators provide virtual hands-on instruction on the control, sustainability, and key selling points unique to your equipment.
You’re constantly striving to enhance equipment performance and assist customers in optimizing its use. Best-in-class simulators branded with your company name allow you to capture operating metrics and accurately quantify how changes in operation impact fuel savings, safety, efficiency, and more.
  • Provide dealers and sales representatives with a powerful sales tool that speaks for itself
  • Capture key operating metrics so that the benefits of your equipment can be quantified and objectively demonstrated
  • Provide maintenance and service technicians with an effective learning solution so they’re ready when they come face to face with the real equipment


From construction sites and shipyards to offshore applications, worksites pose serious safety challenges. And today’s machinery requires the highest level of training to protect operators and others in and around the worksite.
We can provide you with simulators that are customized to operating guidelines specific to the safe operation of your equipment. The flexibility of our simulators allows users to modify training with a variety of environmental conditions, job-related scenarios, and challenges preparing operators for the unexpected.
  • Provide clients with operator safety training
  • Customizable to a variety of conditions and scenarios
  • Tailored to your specific equipment and safety guidelines

Why CM Labs?

With clients on six continents, turnkey development services, and a reputation for innovative, high-fidelity, custom-built simulation-based training solutions for OEMs, we’re passionate about delivering the most realistic simulated equipment experience of your equipment in its natural environment.

Take a closer look and you’ll see why more equipment manufacturers trust CM Labs as their white label training partner.

Vortex Studio

With key features including real-time simulation of multibody dynamics, deformable terrain, and cable systems, Vortex Studio is a leading simulation and visualization platform designed to support the simulation of tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as logistics and engineering equipment. Built on validated models and 20 years of simulation expertise, Vortex Studio boasts the industry’s highest-fidelity, real-time interactive vehicle simulation.
Vortex Studio empowers users to quickly and accurately create high-fidelity 3D simulations and modify them in real-time. With Vortex Studio, even smaller companies are matching the engineering and simulation capabilities of much larger organizations.

CM Labs’ solutions for equipment manufacturers

  • “Our team can focus on their core competencies and spend more time on client deliverables instead of wrangling software."

  • "With the simulator in our office, we can do more testing ahead of time so that we can truly take advantage of the time that we do have with the rig.”

  • “This gives us a greater opportunity to showcase the benefits of our equipment.”