Port Virtual Event

On-demand webinar:
How to drive operational resiliency
with simulation-based training

Unpredictability and volatility are the watchwords for post-COVID economic conditions across the globe.

And with ports being at the forefront of sustainable recovery, this is precisely why industry leaders are focusing on “just in time” as well as “just in case.”

Find out how they’re laying the groundwork for resiliency with simulation-based training, in our special webinar session: How to drive operational resiliency with simulation-based training.

What you’ll learn during this 30-minute session:

  • The cost benefits of using simulation to quickly ramp up new operators
  • How terminals can hit the ground running as new equipment comes on board
  • How leaders are taking critical redundancy measures to assure success with automated and semi-automated processes.

Organizations that execute on fast-change requirements are best positioned to emerge from volatility with productivity — sign up for our special webinar session to learn more.