Lifting Stabilization Tool Advances Offshore Wind Turbine Installation

Offshore Engineer

“CM Labs’ software provided a quick, comprehensive visual representation for project validation. These points, along with the built-in connectivity between Vortex Studio and MATLAB, drove my interest and eventually my decision to purchase.”

Experienced with simulation as a validation tool, Seaqualize began looking to tools they knew to virtually test their hypotheses. Beginning their test-phase with MATLAB-based simulations of the crane, the team soon realized that while this software allowed individual components to be modelled, a more complete, systems-level representation to answer critical questions was missing.

Additionally, Seaqualize engineers struggled to find a software application that could validate their calculations. This combined with a need to model sophisticated cranes—including hoisting cables, loads and rigging, vessel movement, and the offshore worksite—sent Schinkel searching for a turnkey solution

“I found simulation tools used for offshore engineering, some which had great hydro-dynamics, but minimal mechanical capabilities,” explained Schinkel. “Ship movements were okay, but a complete system simulation was not possible. Also, connecting these tools with MATLAB was particularly difficult.”

Similarly, mechanical engineering software didn’t offer much in terms of hydrodynamics or dynamic environments, making it difficult to account for variables essential to the project. Eventually, the search led to Vortex Studio, where Schinkel immediately recognized the value of software’s combination of mechanical engineering and maritime applications […]

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