Make sure everyone gets home safe from training

We all learn from our mistakes. But it’s safer on a Vortex® construction equipment training simulator. Simply press reset and try again, while minimising risk and damage.

Vortex simulators products

Training that fits just right

Vortex simulators’ flexible display options mean you can start small and scale up to full immersion, and swappable controls mean you can use one simulator to train on many equipment types — with the assurance that you can count on your Vortex simulators for years of training, thanks to their rugged, durable construction.

vortex simulator training packs

A fleet tailored to your needs

Our lifting and earthmoving training packs are ready to run on any Vortex simulator, and include mobile crane, excavator, and more. Each training pack assures complete, effective training, with progressive learning exercises, objective trainee performance metrics, and best-of-class equipment simulation.

Motor grader module gear

Eliminate “fake” training

Pretty 3D images are great in movies, but when you’re training operators, overlooking the physics engine can lead to “fake” or negative training. The physics engine inside your simulator matters. It’s what determines whether your loader loses traction, or whether your crane tips. With over 30 man years spent developing our physics engine, CM Labs has simply built more expertise into its simulators than anyone else in the industry.

When you’re buying a simulator, look for the CM Labs gear.

Success with Vortex simulators

Thousands of operators worldwide have trained on Vortex simulators. Governments, unions, private companies, training schools, and colleges have all placed their trust in Vortex simulators.

When OETIO (Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario) modernised their training classroom with Vortex simulators and instructor stations, training time was reduced and students were more engaged in their learning.

Watch this video for the full story of OETIO’s success with Vortex simulators.