Instructor operating station

Control the training from your seat

With the Instructor Operating Station (IOS), you can initiate exercise sessions, monitor operations from your seat, and challenge trainees by exposing them to a wide range of tasks and job site conditions.

It is the only solution on the market that provides instructors with a real-time 3D view of learning progress, from any vantage point on the virtual work site.

The IOS also allows you to control virtual characters within the training environment for an “on the ground” perspective, or use the built-in signaler functionality to provide virtual hand signals to the operator.

Instructor operating station

Challenge trainees for maximum learning effectiveness

With the IOS, you can expose operators to the variable kinds of situations they will experience in real life.

Set time of day, as well as weather conditions including rain, fog, snow, wind speed, and direction. At any time, the instructor can inject machine faults including engine stalls, hydraulic failures, and line breaks.

Customize Scoring System for operators

Benchmark trainees easily with smart assessment tools

The IOS offers a host of automated monitoring tools, including recording and reporting of machine and performance data, rolled up into a single score that updates in real time.

It’s the only simulator training solution that gives you the ability to customise this scoring system and establish your own benchmarks, if desired, according to the operator attributes they want to target.

At any point during the training session, you can use the IOS to add bookmarks and notes to the training session for later review.

Tandem Lift Exercises on Simulator

Train as a team in the classroom

The IOS is designed to serve as the central hub for collaborative learning. From your workstation, you can:

– Enable tandem lift exercises
– Put another trainee at the helm of the IOS so they can provide peer-to-peer evaluation
– Launch a Signalperson Training Station (purchased separately) that allows another trainee to work cooperatively with the operators

Learn more about Vortex simulators

Cranes and Earth-moving Equipment Simulators

A full fleet on a single Vortex simulator

You don’t need to buy multiple simulators — it takes just seconds to switch equipment training packs in the simulator interface and swap out the controls.

Effective operator training that’s proven

Time and again, organisations worldwide are seeing the results: Operators trained on Vortex simulators build the real-world skills they need to operate heavy equipment safely and efficiently.

Scalable to every training need and budget, Vortex simulators represent the widest range of training solutions available today.

Watch this video to learn more about the Vortex Advantage, our fully immersive operator training solution.

Success with Vortex simulators

A family-run construction company founded in 1956, Conewago Enterprises is one of the mid-Atlantic’s leading design-build general contractors.

With a Vortex simulator, Conewago Enterprises was able to save approximately $30,000 per operator trainee, and record impressive productivity improvements on the work site.

Watch this video to find out how CM Labs Training Solutions helped Conewago Enterprises achieved those savings.