Ship Pedestal Crane Simulator

Boost Operator Productivity

The Vortex (SPC) ship pedestal crane simulator teaches how to safely and effectively operate SPC cranes and learn how to follow general lifting processes. This simulator accelerates operator training and produces employees that reach lifting standards without disrupting live operations, reducing training costs and boosting terminal productivity.

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Ship Pedestal Crane Simulator Features

Ship Pedestal Crane Simulator

Competency Based Training

Training on a Vortex (SPC) ship pedestal crane simulator means apprentices learn how to operate equipment and follow your port’s procedures in a safe environment. This ensures skills learned during simulator seat time are transferred directly to the real equipment.

  • Progressive learning program replicating terminal operations
  • Working in and around ship holds
  • Lifting and landing loads including bulk cargo, break bulk, bags, logs, and containers
  • Managing multiple loads
  • Challenges including adjustable weather, wind, and waves
ship pedestal crane simulator - vortex

True-to-Life Simulation

The Vortex ship pedestal crane simulator replicates equipment performance by modelling all major components to exact physical and mechanical properties, ensuring it feels like the real thing. It simulates:

  • Hoisting, slewing, booming, and hook rotator functions
  • Bulk material handling
  • Breakbulk specific rigging
  • Container handling
  • Simulated equipment faults
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Flexible to Unique User Needs

The CM Labs offers flexible customization options for the ship pedestal crane simulator that allow the simulation to be adjusted to customer needs and capabilities:

  • Crane performance: Adjust and tune cranes to specific capabilities (accelerations, max speeds, joystick deadband)
  • Scoring: Set customer-specific, objective scoring criteria for each scenario.
  • Branding: Customer logos can be integrated within the environment, on the cranes, and on after-action reports
  • Further customizations: Available upon request
Ship Pedestal Crane Simulator- port equipment training simulator

Complete training solutions for port operations

From ship-to-shore and ship pedestal cranes, to reachstacker and other cargo handling equipment, we offer a wide range of ports and container terminal equipment training simulators that can run on a single hardware platform.

Realistic simulators are an effective tool to evaluate and assess apprentices-in-training for both efficiency and safety. Tracking vital metrics across the entire training scenario, instructors can review statistics after completion, allowing for detailed after-action reviews and reporting.

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    Vortex simulators represent the most advanced, realistic training solutions available today. One simulator can train across all equipment types, and flexible display options mean you can start on the desktop, or engage trainees with full immersion.

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