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    Vortex Trainer

    Maximum operator training flexibility, with all the benefits of first-class simulation

Vortex Trainer Overview

The desktop-based Vortex Trainer is a portable simulator that allows you to safely and efficiently screen new operators, and begin operator training.

A single Vortex Trainer can run all of CM Labs’ port equipment training packs, including:

  • STS crane
  • Mobile harbor crane
  • Ship pedestal crane
  • Internal transfer vehicle
  • Forklift
  • Rubber-tired gantry crane
  • Reach stacker
  • Empty container handler

This flexibility makes the Vortex Trainer a convenient, affordable solution for integrating new and aspiring trainees into your operations.

Vortex Trainer ports simulator

Vortex Trainer Benefits

A flexible option that deploys wherever you need it

The portable and compact Vortex Trainer is a full-capability simulator that can run any of our ports training simulations.

Easy to move and set up, the Vortex Trainer allows trainers, health & safety specialists, and terminal managers to deploy training opportunities wherever necessary to comply with hygiene requirements, including remote training. With multiple operators training simultaneously, your roster of qualified employees can also grow while production equipment operates at full tilt.

It is also the ideal option to quickly screen new applicants, and assess whether they have the aptitude & hand-eye coordination required for further training. 

Customizable training and scoring

The Vortex Trainer touchscreen reports on performance metrics such as moves per hour, unsafe contacts, time elapsed, and more. These metrics roll up into a final score for the training session, using a system you can customize if needed. Instructors can adjust training conditions to simulate night time operations, or inclement weather. They can also add challenges such as spreader malfunctions or terminal traffic near the equipment. 

In addition, instructors can comment and generate reports that provide a 360-degree view of trainee progress over time.

Unlimited exercises

Trainers can adapt port equipment simulator exercises to their requirements, with the Exercise Builder feature that’s built into the Instructor Operating Station. 

This feature lets them create unlimited new exercises or updates to existing training exercises, train for prevention of specific incidents, and target training to operator skills needing improvement.

Robust hardware designed for the demands of the classroom

The Vortex Trainer is designed with industrial-grade controls, steering wheels, and pedals developed by manufacturers of port equipment. 

It’s designed to provide classroom operations you can count on for years of training.

A simulator that delivers both safety and productivity

Three-Screen Vortex Trainer- 3 screens


3x high-definition side-by-side mounted LCD displays offer an accurate cabin field of view

Joystick controls

Functions of the professional-grade joysticks are identified by magnetic labels that can be switched as needed.

Steering wheel

Supplied with applicable training simulations, the optional force feedback steering wheel swaps out in seconds

Touch-screen LMI

Real-time instrumentation panel and simulator interface with touch controls.


Heavy duty, authentic equipment pedals can be fitted into any of four slots.

Equipment training packs

From ship-to-shore and ship pedestal cranes, to reachstacker and other cargo handling equipment, we offer a wide range of ports and container terminal equipment training simulators that can run on a single hardware platform.

Realistic simulators are an effective tool to evaluate and assess operators for both efficiency and safety. Tracking vital metrics across the entire training scenario, instructors can review statistics after completion, allowing for detailed after-action reviews and reporting.

Ports simulator hardware platforms

With swappable controls, flexible configuration options, and industrial-grade hardware, CM Labs offers a family of scalable port simulator hardware platforms that can grow with your requirements and budget.

  • “Having the simulator really does ensure that after three weeks, people are getting through the training system. It eliminates the opportunity cost of having a non-skilled operator on site.”

    Port of Tilbury
  • “What stands out about the simulator? Flexibility — the simulator can create a range of different conditions for trainees."

    Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal
  • “You could definitely see that Vortex was more realistic.”

    ZHD Stevedores