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    Empty Container Handler Simulator

    Maintaining regular port operations while improving safety with simulation-based training.

Empty Container Handler Simulator

The empty container handler (ECH) simulator training pack allows you prepare trainees for the realities of operating equipment in a busy terminal, without placing equipment or personnel at risk or decreasing productivity.


Empty Container handler Simulator - Simulateur de Chariots pour Conteneurs Vides

Empty Container Handler Simulator Features

Empty Container handler Simulator - Simulateur de Chariots pour Conteneurs Vides

Competency Based Training

With the ECH simulator, trainees learn how to operate equipment in a way that demonstrates respect for co-workers, other equipment and the terminal in general. Our field-proven learning methodology ensures skills learned on a Vortex simulator are transferred directly to the real equipment:

  • Progressive learning program replicating terminal operations
  • Picking and stacking 20′, 40′ & 45′ containers up to 7-high
  • Port driving and traffic rules
  • Adapting to the challenge of variable weather and wind conditions

True-to-Life Simulation

The Empty Container Handler simulator training pack delivers a true-to-life, stimulating experience based on the behaviour and mechanics of the real machine, including load limits and the ability to topple when improperly handled.

The ECH simulator features a fully-modeled, two-stage mast ECH, providing a superior training experience that delivers safer, more efficient drivers:

  • Simulation of all major components to manufacturer specifications
  • 20′ and 40′ mode
  • Includes equipment lights, mirrors and sounds
  • Spreader-landed sensor
  • Integrated with machine control system
  • Nighttime operations
Empty Container handler Simulator - Simulateur de Chariots pour Conteneurs Vides
Empty Container handler Simulator - Simulateur de Chariots pour Conteneurs Vides

Flexible for unique training needs

The ECH Training Pack offers customization options that allow the training to be adjusted to your requirements:

  • Exercise Builder: Create new exercises as needed
  • Crane performance: Adjust and tune the simulated crane to match specific attributes (accelerations, max speeds, joystick deadband)
  • Scoring: Set specific, objective scoring criteria that match your priorities

Equipment training packs

From ship-to-shore and ship pedestal cranes, to reachstacker and other cargo handling equipment, we offer a wide range of ports and container terminal equipment training simulators that can run on a single hardware platform.

Realistic simulators are an effective tool to evaluate and assess operators for both efficiency and safety. Tracking vital metrics across the entire training scenario, instructors can review statistics after completion, allowing for detailed after-action reviews and reporting.

Ports simulator hardware platforms

With swappable controls, flexible configuration options, and industrial-grade hardware, CM Labs offers a family of scalable port simulator hardware platforms that can grow with your requirements and budget.

Remote Training Tools

  • “Having the simulator really does ensure that after three weeks, people are getting through the training system. It eliminates the opportunity cost of having a non-skilled operator on site.”

    Port of Tilbury
  • “What stands out about the simulator? Flexibility — the simulator can create a range of different conditions for trainees."

    Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal
  • “You could definitely see that Vortex was more realistic.”

    ZHD Stevedores