Vortex Advantage training simulator

Vortex Advantage overview

The Vortex Advantage is an immersive training simulator that’s been developed to stay relevant to your training goals — today as well as tomorrow. With different options and configurations, it’s a fit for training programs of all sizes and budgets.

Unique training benefits

Scalable simulator training solution

A scalable solution

The Vortex Advantage is built to grow with you, whether you’re training one-on-one or entire classrooms. Select from one, three, or five screens, or add motion to reproduce the feel of equipment in motion, including vibration, impact, acceleration, and overload conditions.

Simply adaptable

The Vortex Advantage is ready to mirror your fleet: To complement CM Labs’ suite of equipment training modules, the Vortex Advantage features equipment-specific hot-swappable control sets and pedals. The three-screen option also rotates to replicate equipment-specific sight lines.

All-in-one simulator training solution

All in one

A sleek hardware design, a full catalogue of training modules, and the Vortex simulation “engine” — the Vortex Advantage integrates all three elements in a single plug-and-play training platform, with all the quality and durability you’ve come to expect from CM Labs.

A simulator that adapts to your training

Vortex Advantage simulator- Steering Wheel

Steering wheel

Supplied with applicable training modules, the optional force feedback steering wheel swaps out in seconds.

Vortex Advantage simulator- Joystick Controls

Joystick controls

Professional-grade joysticks can be swapped quickly and easily, without shutting down the simulator.

Vortex simulator- Pedals


Real unidirectional and bi-directional equipment pedals can be fitted into any of four slots.

Display Screens


Select one or three screens, or five screens for maximum immersion and trainee engagement.

Simulated equipment training modules

Equipment training packs

Our training packs feature self-guiding, progressive learning programs, and best-of-class simulation, from cranes to excavators. With operator metrics captured at every step, they provide the most comprehensive simulator training available on the market.

Simulator training resources

Trainer tools

With trainer resources that include an instructor operating station, classroom manager, and student database, we provide you with comprehensive tools for instructor-led training as well as trainee monitoring, scoring, and reporting.

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Training simulator hardware platforms

Training simulator hardware

Vortex simulators are a rugged, flexible fit for classrooms of all sizes and budgets. With swappable controls and configurations ranging from the desktop to an immersive five-display simulator, they are built to run any of our training modules.

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Success with Vortex simulators

All over the world, organisations of all sizes are using Vortex simulators to train safer, more efficient operators.

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