Get your training
where it needs to be

From cabin-integrated simulators and trailer-based solutions to 20 to 40ft ISO shipping containers complete with power, HVAC & classroom, Vortex simulator training adapts to your environment. We’ll provide you with a complete, self-contained solution, whether you’re traveling to remote locations for outreach and workforce development, or simply taking your organisation’s brand of innovation on the road as a showcase event. Our container and trailer-based solutions are designed to accommodate one or more Vortex Simulators as well as an instructor station, classroom, and utility/equipment room.

Why train with Vortex construction simulators?

Crane Simulators Training Solutions - Safer Operator

Build safer operators

Prepare them for the unexpected: Students can practice challenging real-world operations, in complete safety.

Crane Simulators Training Solutions - Improve Efficiency

Teach real efficiencies

Vortex simulators are an always-on, always-ready training resource.

Train more students, faster

With students practising on simulators, you’re providing concentrated seat time, and dramatic increase in throughput.

Ready to deploy

CM Labs can also provide exterior stairs and a separate container riser, according to your needs, and apply your company’s branding to the exterior. Container features include power hook-up/distribution; integrated heating, ventilation, and cooling system; fully insulated, weather-proof container, and more.

Equipment training packs

Our training packs feature self-guiding, progressive learning programs, and best-of-class simulation, from cranes to excavators. With operator metrics captured at every step, they provide the most comprehensive simulator training available on the market.

E-book Series: Your Complete Guide to Construction Equipment Training Simulators​​

When simulators are deployed for training, savings add up rapidly. Organisations are also realizing long-term financial and safety benefits … all much sooner than you might expect.

Download our e-book series, Your Complete Guide to Construction Equipment Simulators, for a wealth of tips and guidance for determining your simulation requirements, and the timeline of benefits you can expect.

  • “It allows the student to go through the [NCCCO] course and practice as much as they want without getting on a real crane.”

    Del Mar College
  • “I wanted something I could use to train more operators and get a better skilled workforce.”

    Conewago Entreprises Inc
  • “One of the biggest selling points for me was the immersiveness of the five screens.”

    IUOE Local 178
  • “Once I got on the Vortex simulator, I realized what a great tool it could be for us here.”

    IUOE Local 14