Vortex Advantage Heavy Equipment Simulator from CM Labs Simulations

Heavy Equipment Operator Training Simulators

Vortex heavy equipment training simulators are ideal for organisations looking for a way to objectively assess equipment operators and keep skills sharp.

Scalable to every training need and budget, Vortex heavy equipment training simulators provide the most thorough and realistic simulation-based training and assessment available today.

Why Vortex heavy equipment training simulators?

Build safer operators

Prepare them for the unexpected: Students can practice challenging real-world operations, in complete safety.

Provide more seat time

Each Vortex heavy equipment simulator logs and records key metrics, so you can teach productive, economic machine use.

Train more students, faster

With students practising on simulators, you’re providing concentrated seat time, and dramatic increase in throughput.

Assess trainees objectively

Measure trainee performance against your objective benchmarks and criteria, during and after equipment training exercises.

Reduce cost per student

Reduce training time on real equipment, with lower maintenance costs, and low eco-footprint.

Keep skills sharp

Experienced operators can sharpen skills ahead of a job or before getting on unfamiliar equipment.

Heavy equipment simulator in action

Immersive equipment training simulator

The Vortex Advantage is an immersive heavy equipment training simulator that’s been developed to stay relevant to your training goals — today as well as tomorrow. With different options and configurations, it’s a fit for equipment training programs of all sizes and budgets.

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Heavy equipment simulator training classroom

Desktop simulation for the entire classroom

Optimally designed for a classroom environment, the desktop Vortex Trainer makes it easy and affordable for training organisations to run CM Labs’ full catalogue of earthmoving equipment, heavy equipment, crane training modules, and more.

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Success with Vortex heavy equipment simulators

All over the world, training schools of all sizes are using Vortex simulators to train safer, more efficient crane operators.

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Vortex heavy equipment simulators