Real-Time Military Ground Vehicle Simulation

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Are you working on programs for vehicle driver training, maritime simulation, or logistics equipment simulation?

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With engineering-grade vehicle, cable, and marine dynamics, an integrated visualisation engine, and desktop applications to create & distribute your simulations, Vortex Studio helps you solve difficult simulation challenges quickly.

Experience the difference at I/ITSEC 2017 booth 1620

Visit the CM Labs booth and discover why organisations all over the world are using Vortex Studio to power their land and maritime training applications.

JLTV driver trainer

Get behind the wheel of a simulated JLTV on an off-road patrol scenario to experience Vortex Studio’s ground vehicle simulation capabilities.
The simulation will run on CM Labs’ immersive Vortex Advantage simulator hardware, with a motion platform that highlights the realism of the Vortex Studio simulation, including the distinct experiences of driving on compact terrain, driving through mud, or fording a river.

Small watercraft simulator

Take the helm of a small watercraft and navigate the UK’s largest energy port — and discover Vortex Studio’s maritime simulation and visualisation capabilities.

Designed by Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN), and showcasing the flexibility and extensibility of Vortex Studio, the simulation is powered by MARIN’s DOLPHIN platform, which combines Vortex Studio’s multibody dynamics engine, desktop applications, and image generator with MARIN’s own hydrodynamics engine.

Simulation workstation

Get an in-depth demo of Vortex Studio features and capabilities, with an LAV III beach landing, an ROV recovery scenario, a VR-enabled heavy equipment simulation, and more.

CM Labs recently released the latest version of Vortex Studio, with new features designed to make it even easier to create simulation-based training applications.

Visit us at booth 1620 to learn more.