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How to switch simulator to different monitor?


I am the Tech Support technician at my organization and I had a few minor technical questions. For some background, I am asking this because we move this simulator setup around to a few different locations and sometimes internet access is not possible. We are using version 2020b and the hardware was supplied by CMlabs from what I remember. They are Lenovo laptops, I believe they are the P-Series model of laptops with a RTX 2060.

  1. How do I move the simulation to a different monitor? When we set this up, the remote support technician had us do a few things to complete the setup (one of which being setting the default display in Nvidia control panel) however, the software will only launch on the laptop monitor, which is not the primary.
  2. Is there any technical user guides that would contain useful information like this? I have tried looking but all I have found is information relating to operating the equipment in the simulation and an engineering guide to develop equipment.

Thank you in advanced!


Reading your post, you seem to be using a CM Labs simulator that your organization purchased. If it is still under active maintenance and support, you should contact us about any issues through our customer support portal.