Expect more from your simulation training tool

At CM Labs, we develop the only simulation-based training on the market that accurately simulates critical machine behavior. It’s an essential component of simulation that ensures efficient operator training, and skills that transfer to the real equipment.

From heavy lifts to pushing dirt, we’ve highlighted features that are not simulated elsewhere and made possible by Smart Training Technology™.

Crawler Crane Simulator - Boom Deflection and Load Swing

Boom deflection can have dramatic consequences during heavy lifts. When not handled properly, the load will swing, putting the safety of the worksite in jeopardy.

Our Crawler Crane Simulator Training Pack is the only solution that realistically simulates boom deflection and cable behavior during heavy lifts. It allows operators to develop advanced lifting skills that transfer to the real machine in a safe environment.

This is just one of many training capabilities that are made possible thanks to Smart Training Technology. Discover more features that are only simulated in CM Labs’ training solutions:

What is Smart Training Technology?

All our simulator training packs, whether they are lifting or earthmoving equipment, incorporate Smart Training Technology. This makes our simulation-based training an ideal solution for any stage of the workforce management cycle, from assessing new trainees to up-skilling experienced operators.

Smart Training Technology makes objective assessment easier and skills acquisition faster. It also makes our simulation a powerful tool for safety training. As a result, our realistic simulations allow trainees to operate in challenging environments where they can explore the capacity and limits of the equipment, and safely experience scenarios that are potentially life-altering in the real world.

Overall, Smart Training Technology is at the core of our simulation. It’s what ensures that our training solutions provide the most transferable skills anywhere.