Point-and-Click Distributed Simulation Set-up with Vortex Studio 2017b

Point-and-Click Distributed Simulation Set-up with Vortex Studio 2017b

New release accelerates hardware integration and simulator deployment with new tools for Vortex® Studio Player application

Montreal, QC, August 15, 2017 – CM Labs Simulations Inc., a global provider of immersive real-time simulation solutions, announced today the availability of Vortex Studio 2017b, the latest version of its unified simulation and visualisation platform for land and sea equipment training and virtual prototyping applications. This release provides simulation architects with new point-and-click tools to configure and monitor distributed simulation systems, and integrate hardware controls.

Vortex Studio 2017b simplifies the integration and assembly of simulator hardware components. System integrators can create distributed simulation systems and monitor the performance of individual components using the Vortex Studio Player desktop application instead of relying on code-based processes, accelerating set-up and troubleshooting.

Vortex Studio 2017b also eliminates common project bottlenecks by decoupling the user inputs mapping from the hardware used on the final simulator platform. It lets system integrators configure user controls without editing and recompiling simulation applications, and makes it easy to replace broken or out-of-order hardware with new models.

“Simulation architects still rely heavily on custom code to manage system topology and processes” said Marc-Alexandre Vezina, Vortex Studio product manager. “With Vortex Studio 2017b, we’re reducing their reliance on software development expertise, and we’re allowing them to focus on their core task.”

Additionally, Vortex Studio 2017b feature an improved earthmoving simulation engine that reduces the resources required to simulate earthmoving activities requiring higher levels of details, such as terrain grading. It also features new particle effects to render the flow of materials caused by erosion on deformed terrain, increasing user engagement and immersion.

About CM Labs Simulations

CM Labs builds simulation-based solutions to help clients design advanced equipment and prepare for skilled operations. Through its Vortex Studio platform, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, virtual prototyping, and testing.

For more than 20 years, CM Labs’ Vortex Simulators have helped train equipment operators in port, maritime, and offshore environments all over the world. In the past few years alone, the Port of Tilbury, Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal, Indonesian Port Corporation, Napier Port, Ports of Auckland, multiple DP World sites, and the Pacific Maritime Association (USA) have chosen Vortex simulators to improve operational safety and efficiency.

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