CM Labs Releases Update for Vortex Backhoe Simulator Training Pack

New training solution trains operators how to adjust to machine’s dynamic center of gravity and backlash

CM Labs Simulations today announced an update to its Vortex Backhoe Simulator Training Pack. This update provides trainers with the only simulation on the market that is capable of simulating a backhoe’s backlash and instability.

Thanks to this capability, the backhoe simulator is ideal for teaching novices how to leverage the flexibility of this machine and control its center of gravity for job site efficiencies. Just like the real equipment, the simulated backhoe can even tip as a result of its instability.

“All the looseness in the backhoe’s linkage has been simulated,” said Julien Richer-Lanciault, Construction Product Owner, Earthmoving Equipment. “This teaches trainees the requirement for careful, methodical operations, in an environment where they can feel free to fail without fear of damaging equipment or themselves.”

The other major contributing factor to backhoe instability is tire deformation. CM Labs’ Backhoe Simulator is the only solution on the market that simulates tire pressure and traction—as well as the changes in stability and traction as tires are placed under stress by rapid movements or heavy loads.

The result is a training solution that behaves just like a real backhoe, as verified by CM Labs in partnership with professional operators from major equipment manufacturers.

The Backhoe Training Pack features a mid-sized machine with a hydraulic quick-coupler to switch out the loader bucket for forks or chains. Operators can switch between bucket and loader at any time to solve any operating challenge using their own best judgement.

“Although the backhoe is really the jack-of-all-trades of the jobsite, it can be challenging to operate it at maximal efficiency,” said Lisa Barbieri, CM Labs’ VP Marketing. “This makes the Backhoe Simulator Training Pack an optimal solution for organisations that need to make sure their operators are always as sharp as possible.”

The Training Pack’s progressive learning exercise program is suitable for all training approaches, whether it’s a quick refresher, a one-week training session, or a course that lasts several months.

The new release provides additional performance indicators that provide a clear picture of trainee development, including accurate machine, efficiency, and safety metrics.

The Training Pack’s advanced learning tools include a Grade Quality Sensor (GQS) overlay, which provides visual indications to operators as a reminder to maintain a safety corridor on both sides of a trench. The GQS can be activated at any time during the exercise. In addition to real-time feedback on excavation height, slope, and consistency, the GQS also provide an overall excavation performance score to operators.

Operators and instructors can change the time of day at any moment during the exercise in order to practice for nighttime operations. They can also introduce inclement climate conditions, which can be difficult or impossible to recreate in a training yard.

The Backhoe Simulator Training Pack is part of CM Labs’ extensive product line of earthmoving and crane training packs, all of which can be run from a single Vortex simulator. Solutions range from training packs for crawler crane, flat-top tower crane, luffing tower crane, and mobile crane, to excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, dozer, and more.

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