CM Labs Launches Industry’s Most Advanced Forklift Safety Simulation Training Solution

The new Forklift Safety+ Add-On Module leads the industry with realistic training scenarios and comprehensive exercises using teachable moments to streamline recertification.

MONTREAL, QC, May 21, 2024 — CM Labs Simulations, the leading vendor for simulation-based training in the ports, construction, and utilities industries, today announced the launch of the Forklift Safety+ Add-On Module. The Forklift Safety+ Add-On Module offers the most sophisticated forklift safety simulation training available and stands as the first simulated training solution to accurately replicate water and its inherent properties, creating slippery conditions in tight corners.

Forklift Safety+ provides a curriculum that ensures a higher level of readiness for the field. Operators can use the training module to work on right-of-way principles, interacting with pedestrian and forklift traffic, and many other important aspects of forklift safety. By simulating realistic worksite environments and their hazards, such as wet surfaces, the add-on module allows operators to practice dangerous scenarios in a safe and risk-free environment.

In addition to providing advanced safety exercises, the add-on module also provides teachable moments to trainees.

”We know that forklift recertification is important for our clients,” said Lisa Barbieri, VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at CM Labs. “We wanted to provide a solution that would offer advanced exercises with new challenges designed to keep operators safe and their skills fresh.”

Trinidad Ruiz, Senior Product Manager for Construction, said: “We designed the add-on module to provide teachable moments for on-the-spot guidance. It’s a unique aspect of our training solution that helps address negative behaviors before they become habits.”

The Forklift Safety+ Add-On Module joins CM Labs’ expanding add-on module line. It requires the Forklift Training Pack to run and can be installed on the following CM Labs equipment training hardware: Trainer, Edge Plus, Edge Max, Advantage, Master, and MasterCab.

About CM Labs Simulations

CM Labs stands apart through its commitment to pioneering simulation-based solutions, tailored to address and solve real-world challenges. With more than 25 years of expertise developing core technology for the most realistic heavy equipment simulation experiences on the market, numerous awards, and 300+ academic papers to its name, CM Labs has achieved worldwide recognition for the quality of its solutions. With more than 1,000 installations across 40 countries, it is the global leader in providing virtual training tools for the construction, utilities, and ports markets.

CM Labs’ clients include IUOE, OETIO, ABC, Liuna, Tigercat, Altec, Liebherr, Volvo, Manitowoc, NASA, Kiewit, Gerdau, and over 100 other world-class companies, OEMs, and trades training organizations.

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