CM Labs Drives Operational Cost Savings with New GPS Feature on Excavator Simulator Training Pack

At CONEXPO 2020 (Las Vegas, March 10-14, booth F100911 in the Festival Hall), CM Labs Simulations is unveiling its most advanced excavator training exercise to date, featuring an integrated GPS guidance system that trains operators how to use this technology in the simulator.

This advanced exercise immerses operators in a life-like work site environment that challenges them to dig trenches using the new GPS guidance system, while learning to make decisions based on accurate grade and terrain features. These skills, when deployed in the field, can help reduce operation time and material costs.

GPS functionality is rapidly becoming an industry standard on heavy equipment, as it supplies data about terrain features and equipment position, enabling faster completion of operations, which can be critical for contractors looking to meet tight project deadlines.

CM Labs’ Excavator Simulator Training Pack provides a progressive learning path that allows beginners to learn controls and basic digging techniques in a controlled environment. The training pack also provides training for more experienced operators, including trench cleaning and leveling. With the new exercise integrating the GPS feature, training can be advanced even further for more skilled operators.

“By making this feature available in a simulator environment, training organizations alleviate the risk of new operators underutilising or misusing the GPS function, thereby ensuring that it can be exploited to its fullest potential for maximum work site savings,” says Julien Richer-Lanciault, Product Manager, CM Labs.

The GPS feature will also be rolled out to the rest of CM Labs’ earthmoving training catalogue, including Dozer, Motor Grader, Wheel Loader, and Backhoe.

The GPS guidance system will be unveiled at CONEXPO 2020. Experience it at booth F100911 in the Festival Hall.

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