CM Labs Develops the Only Simulator on the Market Endorsed by the American Concrete Pumping Association

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex® training simulators, has released the first Concrete Pump Simulator on the market. The curriculum, which was developed in collaboration with the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA), ensures operators are proficient with using the remote control box before being exposed to the stress of the work site.

“Control familiarization is extremely important in ensuring safety on the job. Mastering the remote box could take up to two months in the field but takes two weeks on the simulator,” says former ACPA President and Board Member, Dennis Andrews. The Concrete Pump simulator allows operators to develop basic skills such deploying outriggers creating concrete slabs, pouring footings and foundations with built-in performance metrics helping to identify areas for improvement.

“Every detail from providing the superintendent with the job ticket, to operating in the rain, and at night as well as risks such as hose whipping is replicated. Because of this novice operators gain real-world experience faster but within a controlled and safe environment,” said Andrews.

The Concrete Pump training pack incorporates CM Labs’ Smart Training Technology™, which means that real machine behavior from the backlash of the boom to machine hydraulics and stability are accurately simulated. “Smart Training Technology reproduces the tension, sway and deflection felt when using a real concrete pump. The result is tailored, cost-effective training that builds transferrable operator skills,” said Product Manager Julien Richer-Lanciault.

According to Andrews, the industry is headed towards formal certification for concrete pump operators and the ultimate goal would be for the simulator to be used in practical testing for this certification. With built-in scoring on metrics such as time to pour, and reporting on events such as contacts between equipment and structures, CM Labs’ Concrete Pump Simulator is ideal for the objective assessment of each operator’s skill sets.

About CM Labs Simulations

For over 20 years, CM Labs’ Vortex simulators and services have helped train crane and heavy equipment operators all over the world. Today, CM Labs is the largest simulator vendor in the market, with over 1,000 simulators in 30 countries deployed with Vortex software. CM Labs’ feature-rich Vortex Simulators provide immersive, ultra-realistic learning environments that promote increased safety and operational efficiency, essential skills development, and reduced training costs. Developed by operators, instructors, and simulation experts, our standards-based solutions prepare operators for the real world.

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