CM Labs at Tower Cranes North America 2018 – Product Preview

CM Labs to display world’s first luffing tower crane simulator, along with signaler training station

At Tower Cranes North America 2018 (Miami, Florida, June 18-19), CM Labs Simulations will be showcasing its new Luffing Tower Crane (LTC) Training Pack, the first simulation-based LTC training platform on the market.

Immediately available for deployment on all Vortex® Construction Equipment Simulators, the LTC Training Pack is CM Labs’ most feature-rich crane simulation to date. It includes a nighttime operation mode that allows student operators to gain experience working at any time of day — a feature unique to CM Labs’ simulators.

It also provides an instructor tool set for training, mentoring, and evaluating student operators. Scoring for each scenario is customizable, allowing instructors to evaluate operator performance according to their own standards.

In addition to the LTC Training Pack release, CM Labs will launch its new Signaller Training Station, the only solution of its kind in the world. CM Labs’ Signaller Training Station allows novice tower crane operators to train for effective teamwork and communications — while one trainee operates a virtual tower crane, another works to provide signals and guide the operation through to successful completion via webcam and picture-in-picture display.

CM Labs’ simulator-based solutions accelerating training programs and reducing costs by up to 75%

Like all CM Labs construction equipment operator training solutions, the signaler station provides a focused approach to reducing training costs — while also making it possible for organisations to train in ways that are too risky or expensive to replicate in real life.

In fact, CM Labs training solutions have been shown to accelerate student operator training and reduce costs by up to 75%. The result: new operators that are simply better prepared for the job site than any other.

CM Labs’ catalogue of equipment training packs also includes the flat-top tower crane, which like the LTC tower crane training pack provides a structured set of scenarios to promote crane skills development. Load charts and lift plans are included, to build awareness of the crane’s capabilities and the tasks to be performed before starting operations.

About CM Labs Simulations

For over 20 years, CM Labs’ Vortex simulators and services have helped train crane and heavy equipment operators all over the world. Today, CM Labs is the largest simulator vendor in the market, with over 1,000 simulators in 30 countries deployed with Vortex software. CM Labs’ feature-rich Vortex Simulators provide immersive, ultra-realistic learning environments that promote increased safety and operational efficiency, essential skills development, and reduced training costs. Developed by operators, instructors, and simulation experts, our standards-based solutions prepare operators for the real world.

Our clients include IUOE, Kiewit, Liebherr, Mammoet, Manitowoc, NASA, and over 100 other world-class companies, OEMs, equipment operators, and trades training organizations.

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