CM Labs and MARIN Partner at I/ITSEC to Demonstrate Unique Small Watercraft Simulation

Collaboration produces highest fidelity solution on the market for small watercraft pilot/crew training applications.

CM Labs Simulations, a global provider of simulation and visualisation solutions for personnel training and virtual equipment prototyping, announced today that I/ITSEC attendees will have the opportunity to experience a unique fast small watercraft simulation designed for training applications, at booth 1620.

The work is an extension of an original project to develop a Fast Small Ship Simulator for training Dutch Navy crews working on high-speed boats such as RHIBs.

The simulation is the result of a collaboration between CM Labs and MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands. It incorporates research and technology from the two domain leaders, with the resulting application providing the highest fidelity solution on the market for small watercraft pilot/crew training applications.

Simulating fast small watercraft poses particular challenges as it requires accurate wave models, unique visualization of water surface including wake, wash and propeller effects and advanced dynamics for complex phenomena such as slamming, surf riding and broaching.

The solution is built on CM Labs’ Vortex® Studio simulation and visualisation platform, which among other features provides multi-channel image generation capabilities, as well as industry-leading ocean wave modelling and visualisation.

“The extensibility of the Vortex Studio platform means that it can integrate with MARIN’s existing application framework, hardware control systems, and proprietary vessel dynamics simulation engine,” said Arnold Free, CM Labs’ Chief Commercial Officer. “It vastly reduced any need for custom development.”

A world leader in hydrodynamic and nautical R&D, MARIN contributed its high-fidelity vessel models and eXtensible Modeling Framework (XMF) solver. The precision of this solver is based on years of extensive research in hydrodynamics, and is critical for accurate small watercraft simulations. The simulation is brought to life by new Vortex Studio features for wash, wake, and spray visualisation, as well as “Exact Wave” modelling to enhance training immersiveness.

Because it is built on top of the Vortex Studio platform, the application can combine high-quality multi-channel visuals and maritime visualisation capabilities with character animation for deck crew, and simulation of mechanical equipment, cranes, cables, hoisting, towing, anchor handling, and hydrodynamics.

This expands the range of potential training applications for MARIN, according to Noel Bovens, Manager, Maritime Simulation. “Vortex Studio opens up new simulation possibilities for us,” he said, “ranging from full-mission bridge simulators, to offshore anchor-handling and combined vessel / heavy-lift operations. It simply complements our mandate to provide innovations for the maritime sector.”

An interactive demonstration of the simulation will be on display at I/ITSEC, at CM Labs booth 1620.

About CM Labs Simulations

For over 20 years, CM Labs has provided physics-based simulation capabilities that set the industry standard for interactive 3D simulation and visualisation. Through its Vortex Studio platform, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, serious games, virtual prototyping, and testing.

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