VR & AR Shaping the Construction Industry

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[…] Alternatively, the technology can be used to train operators using simulators. Product Line Manager for CM Labs Simulations Drew Carruthers heads the company’s Vortex Construction equipment simulator. The equipment can simulate backhoes, tower or mobile cranes, wheeled loaders and excavator that would aid effective training while reducing cost and increasing productivity.

Drew also believes that the next phase for safety, inspections, communication and operation in the construction industry will be mixed-reality. The technology blends virtual and real environment. As the cost of implementing VR goes down, there will be more opportunities to explore in the world of construction.

Training Technology for Contractors

Equipment simulators can reduce cost as shown by Conewago Enterprises, a US-located design-build general contractor partnering with CM Lab to use their Vortex construction equipment.

CM Labs is a Canadian Company that is extending its reach in Europe by collaborating with Antycip Simulation (A provider of Professional-grade Simulation Software).

The partnership between the two companies means that CM Labs now controls Antycip offices in the UK, Italy, and France. Utilising their outlet in Europe, CM Labs can provide solutions that include support, training and set-up to its client across Europe.

[…] It is a brave new world where operators can gain the skill for a piece of equipment before they get the chance to interact with the equipment physically.

With virtual reality, training is much safer, and there is little to no risk of damage to infrastructure and equipment. Such low-risk venture is possible because VR offers a controlled environment to train operators.

A typical setup will have VR goggles, a working basket that operators can stand in, switches that mimic real machines and a control panel.

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