How Simulator Training Can Mitigate Dockside Risks

Dockside Lift & Move sits down with Devon van de Kletersteeg, product manager, ports, CM Labs, to talk about creating real-time interactive simulations within virtual environments, to better train port staff.

CM Labs, developer of Vortex Studio simulator training, builds technology that help clients design advanced equipment and prepare for skilled operations in both ports and construction markets globally.

Dockside Lift & Move asked:

What are the top dangers of working dockside in the ports industry?

How can simulation training mitigate those dangers? 

What are the most popular dockside training programmes CM Labs offers? 

Why is simulation training important to dockside managers?

See Devon’s answers to all of the questions above directly in the article from Dockside Lift and Move Magazine, April 2023 Edition p.xxi, or in Hoist Magazine’s website.

Vortex Master Simulator
Technologies like this Master Simulator help clients prepare for skilled operations in the port market globally.