Oceaneering Takes a Digital Dive into 3D Simulation

Oceaneering expects to reduce mission-readiness time by 30% and training times by 20% through high fidelity, real-time 3D simulations with Vortex Studio.

Familiar with Vortex Studio and its capabilities in simulating offshore and subsea environments, the Digital Innovation Design Team at Oceaneering decided to implement the software on a trial basis for an active ROV design project.

While the team had 3D modelling experience, they had never set about creating an interactive world before this. “Our designers only had 3D Studio Max and Maya experience,” said Mark Stevens, Digital Innovation Operations Director at Oceaneering. “However, by following the Vortex Studio tutorials, they were able to create an impressive 3D prototype of a new ROV grabber tool we were developing in less than two weeks.”

The easy-to-understand interface enabled Oceaneering’s design team to quickly import their existing 3D model and add the mechanical dynamics needed to represent the complete functionality of the new tool accurately through simulation […]

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