Equipment World News: CM Labs updates virtual-reality training packs

Equipment World News

CM Labs has updated its Vortex virtual-reality simulator training packs for dozers and motor graders.

The training packs are used with the company’s Vortex Simulators and are designed to give trainees the feel of operating a real dozer or motor grader. The training packs are compatible with any of the company’s simulators.

CM Labs’ updated Dozer Training Pack comes with new training exercises, such as production dozing, access-road creation and material spreading. In the material spreading exercise, trainees are taught to focus not only on materials management but also on dump truck position.

The training pack can also teach complex leveling and grading techniques. The company says its new earthmoving simulation techniques capture blade-dirt interactions within 1-inch precision. Its Grade Quality Sensor tracks such metrics as height, slope and standard deviation so operators can make real-time adjustments.

The exercises also provide onscreen tips, hints for best practices and performance indicators. Trainees can learn at their own pace or by instructor-led training, the company says. The training pack can also be paired with CM Labs’ Instructor Operating Station, in which instructors can alter conditions trainees face during the exercises, such as inclement weather and night operations.

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