City of Toledo Trains Heavy Equipment Operators with Simulators

T&D World

The City of Toledo received its Vortex simulator in January 2018. Initially, the objective of the simulator program was to determine a baseline of each operator’s skill set and where they needed improvement.

In addition, CM Labs provided its SimGuide Service to help the City of Toledo understand how to maximize the use and return on investment for their Vortex simulator. Plath, who went through the International Union of Operating Engineers’ apprenticeship program, has a number of years in the seat. As a training tool, he said the CM Labs Vortex simulator has been excellent.

“One thing I like about the basic controls test is the new guys are doing tasks that some of our experienced operators have never learned,” he said.

CM Labs’ SimGuide Service is designed to support companies at any stage of simulator adoption, whether they are developing a simulation-based training program for the first time, or extending the use of their existing Vortex simulator.

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